The Story of Storymakers

Video by: Natalie Robles

The Accidental Baker

This video about storymaker Courtney Smith comes to us courtesy of the Finding America team.

Training our Storymakers…

A glimpse into the second phase of the project, in which the citizen storytellers selected from the Story Circles meet weekly, in small groups, to workshop ideas for the short documentaries they will produce and to learn the tools of audio production.

Video by: Ian McClerin
Music by: Quaint Ants

Introducing the story circles

In Storymakers: Durham, citizen storytellers are trained and empowered to produce short audio documentaries exploring our community’s divisions. This short video highlights the first stage of the project, in which individuals gathered at Story Circle events hosted by partner organizations across the city to share, and to hear, stories.

Video by: Ian McClerin
Music by: Quique